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Hi I would like to introduce myself. My name is Daniela Birch and I have 20 Years’ experience working as an Internationally Acclaimed Psychic Medium, Intuitive Healer, Public Speaker and an upcoming author of my book Soul Mates – Love within the Dark.
I am an Elite Specialist in Soul Mates/Relationships, all issues with Love, Past Life Traumas, The Akashic Records & Men’s Health including all sexuality issues.

I work with woman/men to find solutions surrounding difficult karmic relationships, helping you when you’re at a crisis point, giving you the clarity as to why your soul mate has left your life, why you cannot let of go of an ex, answering questions such as why haven’t I met my soul mate?  What lessons did I come to learn with my partner? The importance of understanding what a soul contract is and why your marriages are ending, helping you find courage and releasing the fears to change, and assisting with sexual health and emotional traumas from your past.

I have dedicated my life path to supporting people, as a Teacher and a Radio Guest Speaker. My role is to educate humanity as to why there is so much turbulence in relationships: Affairs, Disconnection, and Addictions such as porn. Prostate cancer is on the rise, and I desire to help men understand the importance of keeping this energy flowing with their sexuality! I see many blockages which are caused by constant rejection from their partner, storing guilt from religious beliefs and being afraid to express their desires.

I have helped thousands of people world-wide by facilitating the process of clearing their blockages and past life programs, to then allow the highest source of love available to come through, thus creating divine magic, abundance and create positive change.

My pure intention is to impart my knowledge and wisdom on those suffering in their current relationships by:

  • Healing past life contracts and unresolved traumas with their partner or ex’s that may be interfering with their happiness
  • Clearing blockages and sabotage patterning that may impact future relationships
  • Clearing deep karmic wounding such as infidelities, betrayals or abuse that they may be holding on to.
  • Empowering you to understand why you attract unavailable people, abusive relationships or people with addictions.
  • Working with couples to heal anything that may be restricting them both; such as deep resentment, trust issues, accessing their past life history to clear anything unresolved which is unexplainable in the present.

The list is endless.

I travel World Wide with my work and I am based in Australia.
I can support you via Skype or Phone Readings

3 Sessions Soul Mate Coaching

A 15 min free consultation will ensure I have a key understanding of what you wish to address. I channel the answers directly from your spiritual team and your higher self; this will give me the positive solutions that is required to help you shift and move forward on your path

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Daniella Birch

Daniella Birch

International Psychic Medium and Soul Mate Specialist

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