With 20 Years Experience working as a Psychic, Healer & Teacher, she has helped hundreds of people shift, heal and empower. She has dedicated her life to supporting humanity and travels WORLD WIDE. She is an author of an upcoming book Soul Mates – Love in the Dark.

She is able to access your Soul History via the Akashic Records and your Spiritual Blueprint and SACRED CONTRACTS, that are YOUR CORE LESSONS you have come here to embrace with the people in your lives.
By identifying these contracts you have with people in your love life, friendships, business partners, or parents she can enable you to move forward from all KARMIC Situations in your current and past lifetimes that may be restricting your ability to receive the highest source of love available, divine magic and abundance and create positive change.

Some of the common Experiences/Patterns Daniela clears are: THE DARK SIDE OF RELATIONSHIPS SUCH AS AFFAIRS, MAJOR BETRAYAL, ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIPS, PARTNERSHIPS WITH DRUG/ALCOHOL OR SEX ADDICTIONS, UNAVAILABLE PEOPLE (Married or Emotionally Unavailable), Relationships that carry wounding such as; abandonment, rejection, restriction, controlling, manipulation or DEEP SUBCONSCIOUS FEARS which you cannot explain. She also dedicates herself to helping Men’s Health Issues as Prostate Cancer is a major problem in today’s society. She educates and supports the male community with their sexuality blocks.

Daniela also is able to access and “See” any Darkness that you may be carrying from your past that blocks you from moving forward. This may be SPELLS/CURSES/HEXES placed on you or your Family Tree. Past Life History such as; fearing being powerful in this life, stepping into your life’s work, blockages and wounding that you are still carrying from lifetimes such as; being burnt at the stake, stoned to death, murdered, shot, hunted down for your true psychic, creative abilities to name a few.

Daniela does a lot of clearing work with couples, enabling them to work through deep karmic wounding between the two of you, issues that may be holding you both back from experiencing an authentic soul connection, past life traumas, resentment issues, inner child work that plays out in the current relationship. The list is endless!

Daniela has the UNIQUE ABILITY to see into all circumstances in your life, including your Ancestral Programmes, Deep Religious Belief Systems, Genetic Health Issues, Past Life History which may be holding you back from experiencing JOY, LOVE and TRUE ABUNDANCE. She can access information, and connect to anyone on earth including your Loved Ones and Your Spiritual Support Team, that oversees your life. Daniela connects with the Ascended Masters, Your Higher Self and Spiritual Support Team: Guides, Elemental’s and Animal Totems to access information that targets your core issues.

Did you know one CONTRACT, BELIEF or a CURSE from another SOUL MATE, KARMIC PARTNERSHIP OR EVEN AN EX FRIENDSHIP that you may have carried with you from another past life/time line or other multi-dimension can recreate defeating patterns, lack of abundance, preventing you moving forward, have a detrimental affect on your current relationship, health and sabotage your happiness for love, money and joy?

If your holding onto DEEP TRAUMA, PAST WOUNDING, FEELING STUCK IN A CYCLE, not able to TAKE FULL CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE, then Daniela can help assist you in clearing all that holds you back. She empowers you and shows you the pathways forward.

Daniela Birch also runs Meditation/Psychic Circles for Personal Growth, Spiritual Retreats & Public Speaking Seminars World Wide.