Encountering the Divine Lover 

“The Universe always responses to our inner yearnings ”

When certain people enter your life, this is because energetically we have asked for a partner to help us activate missing parts of outselves!

You may at times be drawn to someone, you know deep down they may be bad for you, yet there is an instant chemistry and attraction. You sense the danger and you are aware on some level this person is not necessarily for your highest good. 

“Yet don’t  forget..you always attract what you need…”

You may have called in this person who can help open up your sexually, you have been yearning to experience your sacral chakra fully activated; so the two of you can go on this journey of lust, ecstasy, hedonistic arousal & exploration.

The problem with these relationships are that they are usually short lived. This is because you are filling an inner void, a form of separation that we may not be able to complete within ourselves. Yet to you it feels like love; they are reconnecting the parts that have laid dormant, fulfilling our fantasies, showering our body with fireworks, drawing out our suppressed animalistic nature. This is the role of the divine lover, you may be confronted or wildly happy to discover this about yourself, yet don’t get caught up in the illusions it will be more!

If there is nothing else the two of you have in common, one person is emotionally unavailable, they have complete control of when they can see you and keep you hanging, then it will reach a point of discernment. When you realize that it’s reached the expiry date, and bid them farewell.

All is a gift, all is meeting the towering magnificence of what has been laying within you all along !

Daniela Birch

Psychic Medium & Soul Mate Specialist 


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