Releasing the old Relationship Patterns

~As a race we are going through powerful upgrades and we are being confronted with many challengers within our relationships. 

As we confront the negative ego, it feels as though we are going through our own renovation; reconstructing our thoughts, dismantling old ways of being that maybe holding us back.

We are staring into the deep crevices of our insecurities, our unworthiness, lack of self love, our deepest fears & wounds. 

As well as being mirrored back to us via our partners, the aspects of self we have tried to keep hidden. 
It really is a challenging time of finally breaking free of old stories, beliefs, patterns & lessons that you keep repeating, which are preventing you from experiencing true joy, love,or abundance. 
An example of this maybe the way your partner is treating you. He/she may project domination/control over everything you do, not allowing you to have a voice and making you feel afraid to speak your truth. 

You may have had a similar pattern as a child;whereby your father disempowered your mother, and this observation created a mirror relationship with your current partner. 
This same scenario will appear normal to you, until one day you will awaken to the fact that you are going down the same path as your mother. 

This lesson will keep repeating itself until you finally accept this is not what you deserve! 

Yet perhaps being yelled at and controlled is the way your inner child actually desires attention.
As long as this part of you and the shadow self feels validated & acknowledged within your relationship, (even if this attention is actually taking your voice and power away)you will believe you are experiencing the feeling of being loved. 
However once your partner stops giving you this attention and focus on you, this will bring up rejection, abandonment and not feeling valued & appreciated! 
Look at what situations keep repeating in your world so you will listen?

If you want your life & future relationship to change you must be willing to do the inner work and start creating new boundaries, standing up for yourself and say NO to the old pattern. 
As you have a soul contract with this person, they subconsciously agreed to treat you this way, to help you learn these lessons and spiritually grow. It’s not up to them to make the change; their soul is challenging you to step up and desire to be treated with love and respect. 
So stop playing the blame game, others can only treat you the way you allow!

Be honest with what’s going on in your life and make a clear decision today you want to make these changes.
Daniela Birch 

International Psychic Medium and Soulmate Specialist

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