Soul Contract Relationship Readings

Soul Contract Relationship Readings

This is a very powerful reading which helps you gain foresight with the important questions such as:

  • Why you cannot attract your soul mate
  • Identifying blockages from past relationships that may be preventing you being happy
  • Receiving advice with your current partner (directly from his higher self)
  • Closure as to why you are feeling it’s time to leave your relationship
  • What was the purpose of meeting my ex and why I cannot let him go?
  • Why did I choose an abusive manipulative person and what are my lessons in the relationship?
  • What were the past lives I have had with my Soul Mate that may be affecting our current circumstances?
  • Have I been with my mother/father and why has it been so painful?
  • Why does my best friend/sister get so jealous, competitive and compare herself to me?
  • What are the soul contracts still playing out which I feel keep me bound to a person?
  • Why do I feel a lack of power, speaking up and fearful with certain people?

The list is endless and as long as you’re higher-self desires you to have these answers; I can support you with most questions.

Soul Contract Relationship Readings – $200 1.5 Hour

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