Spiritual Blueprints in your Relationships

Are you sick of creating relationships that end the same way? Leaving you feeling insecure, unloved and unappreciated?  Do you feel you are reliving the same pain with every soul mate you meet? If you have answered yes then read on!

A Blue Print is an agreement of your eternal soul, which gives way to the desires and experiences you wished to have in this incarnation. They are designed to help us shift our beliefs, perceptions and behaviours into our true essence. This allows our soul and ego to expand our spiritual awareness and holds the overall shape of your life, including what is known as assignments. There are personal assignments that we agree too, and global ones such as how can I be of service for humanity.

In our relationships, we tend to choose a certain archetype until we learn the lessons. We are guided by our Blueprints as these are the experiences we need to learn for our soul’s evolution and to reach our highest potential. There are many different tests we are put through in one lifetime and the people we choose to surround ourselves with, are for this purpose. Whether these souls are here to show us pain or the opposite being love, nothing is a punishment but designed to heal certain patterns we keep incarnating with from other lifetimes. We keep forming these patterns over and over until we make a conscious decision we want our life to look a different way.

For an example: You may have experienced a  past lifetime where you were madly in love with your partner. She may have had to make a choice to choose another path, such as a spiritual pathway and had to give you up. You then set up the belief that all women leave you, and you made a vow or pact with yourself that you would never get close to another woman again. You carry this hurt and pain with you every lifetime. Not being able to commit to anyone and feeling this empty void in your heart. You are literally seeking this same woman and refuse to be with anyone but this soul.

You then choose prior to  incarnation, a mother who abandoned and rejected you, so you will keep experiencing the same wounding that will validate; I am never enough for woman, woman don’t love me, and all these other distorted views of love. You will feel you don’t feel safe being intimate and vulnerable with someone and will constantly have affairs or seek multiple people as you are afraid to admit you are feeling empty.

Another example: You keep creating the same pattern of rescuing and saving men. You attract all kinds of addicts or souls  who cannot get their life together. You become the savour and are so convinced your role is to love and nurture them, and that they will  appreciate your help. This may be because you have spent many lifetimes as a healer and you bring through this belief system that you need to fix these people. You finally get fed up being used and abused, and decide you want an equal partnership. However you cannot seem to break free of feeling guilty not being there for people who need your support.

You may have a father who is an alcoholic and this type of relationship is familiar. You may at a young age started surrogating your fathers emotions, to gain attention or try to receive their love. This is a natural instinct in you, that you have in your Spiritual Blueprint that needs to be healed, empowering you to make better choices aligned to your souls growth.

The Blueprint helps us guide our own transformation and growth, yet if we feel we have learnt what we needed to obtain,  we don’t need to keep recreating it and causing ourselves heartache and pain.

Yet the beauty is you can now decide in the new timelines if you wish to continue to keep having these experiences, or in fact recreate new pathways that will give you bliss, joy and happiness.

How do you know this is a pattern in your Spiritual Blueprint?

Look at your past relationships, what is the reoccurring theme? Do you see the same patterns in your childhood? Are you feeling stuck and unable to move forward from these beliefs this is all you deserve?

I can look into your Blueprints; shining light and guiding you to what your soul wishes to experience; empowering you and helping you break free of these people and situations.

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Extract from my book  – Soul Mates Love Within the Dark

Copyright (c) 2016 Daniella Birch * All Rights Reserved

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