I Now have available for purchase, very powerful  Decree’s which are designed to help; release, clear, delete, reverse, transmute, dissolve all old contracts, vows, declarations, bindings, and old curses, hexes, blockages from any person that may have caused you harm, fear and holding your power subconsciously,from all lifetimes, & the beginning of time. I envision these as very ancient Scrolls that we were available to us from our life times in Atlantis, Ancient Egypt and The Roman Timelines.

This Decree is very helpful for Karmic Relationships, Soul Mates, Abundance Blockages, Power and Entrapment Issues, Moving Forward from people you feel have cursed or/have control over you, Soul Traumas, feeling stuck,trapped and unable to move forward.

For many old souls, we have so many layers of being prosecuted, exiled, destroyed, crucified, murdered, and Deep Soul Wounding of being ourselves, that are stored in our Stellar Consciousness, Shadow Parts of our Higher Self and Fragmented aspects of our Soul.

We may have certain people who enter our lives to resolve this Karma with, and the Decree is an amazing tool to help speed up the process and finally heal & lift the darkness that follows us in our incarnations.


The Decree itself is designed to help energetic corrections take place, which you or another may have said or done from the beginning of time. These words, vows, declarations or actions that were said in other lifetimes need to be fully released & balanced or they become stored in your body or subconscious.

This starts to manifest into your reality and physical world and can be easily identified and reversed once you have some understanding.

Very common ones may include: fear of moving forward & taking risks, being over powered/ manipulated/ controlled, not feeling safe around certain people, being threatened, targeted or bullied, sensations of terror for no reason, not feeling heard, supported or validated by a birth parent or friend, or you may be experiencing this sensation that someone is energetically blocking or sabotaging you from entering into a new relationship, being happy or abundant.

Other signs/symptoms your portals are open for them to still connect into you are:

* Their name keeps popping into your head, or you cannot stop thinking about them

*Sensations of sexual energy been projected at you

* Receiving anonymous phone calls or your boundaries are being overstepped constantly,

*The ex or current partner feels they have some kind of ‘right’ to who you can see, date, and will stalk you on social media.

* Or a parent or friend will try to tell you what to do with your life, and feel it’s their right and role to control you.

I believe this the first real decree whereby you may be able to fully release and set yourself free from hundreds of lifetimes of:

Old Vows * Declarations * Spells/ Hexes/Curses * Bindings * Words spoken in any lifetime ((such as: Only I can love you forever or You are mine to eternity) * Fears of being a Powerful Woman * Deep Wounding around your Sexuality & Divine Feminine/Masculine Energy * Stepping into your True Authentic Self *Releasing yourself from all old lies, systems and timelines that keep you locked into patterns, wounding and implants/brainwashing, that you have taken & accepted as your own belief.

*Core Emotions such as: Jealousy, Envy, Resentment, Blame, Guilt, Anger, Shame, Deep Rage, Resentment, Bitterness, Pain, Trauma or Control Issues, that don’t make sense why you experience them.


Even though I have seen powerful results with my clients since making this public, it is important to note; you maybe still required to take ownership of buried deep childhood pain, genetic & ancestral DNA that you may be carrying on behalf of another or just reaching a place of peace that there is still work to be done and healed, and this was in fact your lesson to experience.

The Forgiveness Decree helps you release the people who may still be trapped in your energy field and finally allow you the freedom of accepting the circumstances of this life and past life memories you are holding onto energetically.

I have personally experienced the most amazing quantum leaps on my path since these were channeled and given back to me. I don’t feel anything this powerful has been available for thousands of years.

There is 3 available for purchase:

The Soul Mate/Relationship Decree     $15

Abundance/Money Decree   $15

Forgiveness Decree.                                $15

Or purchase all 3 for                                $40

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