Your Spiritual Blueprint ~ The Soul Mate

Just when your life was cruising along, or when we have dissociated and disconnected from parts of ourselves, these beautiful Soul Mates will enter to help turn your world around and help make the changes required to put you back on track. 
They show up to help you connect within to the parts you have not dealt with; and in fact pushed away to the background!

If for an example, you are in denial and put up a happy facade, and wish to show your outer world everything is fine, though inside you may be depressed & suffering deep sadness, this soul mate will be able to help assist and HEAL this suppressed energy.
However, as we are so good at hiding this pain, it can be a very challenging time. If this particular person is the closest person version of your own blueprint, they will not tolerate you lying to yourself; they will chip away at your ego until you come to a place of resignation and alignment of your true authentic self.
If your higher self is trying its best to heal some of these issues, to no avail, sometimes the only way forward, is to call in for additional support from a soul that knows us best. 

Some circumstances they may wish to help you shift are :
* Where you are lacking trust and faith in yourself

* Where you project neediness, crave attention and manipulation to get your own way

* Any type of Co dependency such as sex addictions, drugs/alcohol. Any form of escapism where you are avoiding your pain 

* Where you are in stand still situation; where you are stuck and afraid to leave; such as a relationship that you have outgrown, a job or situation you believe is out of your control 

* Some core beliefs holding you back such as; the fear of the unknown, fear of failing, lack of self love or forgetting the powerful person you actually are.       

These soul mates are your greatest gift and support! They love you unconditionally and wish what’s best for your growth! They wish to empower you; to help you remember the commitments that you agreed to prior to incarnation. 
When we get stuck on our path, sometimes we need to call in the big guns, the person who holds the right coding to get you out of your quick sand.

They may come in for a short while or long term, either way, you will never forget them; they are your spiritual cheer squad, encouraging you on the side lines to never give up on your path.
Call them to your side now! They will energetically and telepathically come to your side, you are forever interconnected! Let the fears go and the new changes in your life can begin of you just ask for that help!
This is an extract from my new book

Soul Mates ~ Love within the Dark 
Daniela Birch

International Soul Mate Specialist 

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